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Do you watch Free! ? If so, which characters do you ship most. You'd make a beautiful Haru. :)

Asked by Anonymous

Yeah I did a “kind-of-Haru” photo once for a fan.

But sadly, I am not into the Free! fandom. The story never really engaged me.




Biggest tsundere of the all. :D

No I’m not!
I would really like the translation of that comic.~


Now… Where’s my bolo?

Late birthday gift for ninja-yogi, and also celebrating the fact Erwin’s back, baby.

Erwin Smith: Borivoje Naumovski [WorldCosplay]
Photo: AVATAR.designs

(via mistiqarts)

"These animals should be rewarded for not being people. I hate people

Photographer: Mistiqarts
Editor: AVATAR.designs
Cosplayer: Delusor Cosplay [World Cosplay]

A bit thanks to the Konjički klub “Bojčin” for giving us the opportunity to work with these wonderful animals. 

Levi’s hand-crafted Leather harness Plameni DarkArmoury
and Stefan Vujcic




Hello, I am Tardy (Kumamushi-san in Japanese), a water bear. I’m the toughest creature on the Earth.

Now I’m wandering around in Serbia for vacation. Actually, I’m always in vacation because I don’t study or work. Hahaha!


It has been three days since I came to Serbia. I’m visiting…

Big orisor/kumamushi interview is up!

I just memorized every second of acwnr trailer thanks to all the gifs. Can you and Ori make a cosplay of it? Like the 'Erwin Smith vs Levi' part? It would be epic!

Asked by zxcfgh

It’s been in plan since the chapter one.

Why you speak English very well although you're not from England? I'm greatly admire your English ^^

Asked by Anonymous

I study English. My future profession will be related to that language. 

Are you and Ori going to the Dutch Comic Con?

Asked by veryrivaille

We can’t afford to travel at our own expense. We will visit conventions only if the whole team OriSor is invited to a con (Mina, Ori and me).


First trailer for the “A Choice with no Regrets” OVA, to be bundled in two parts (DVD format) and released with SnK manga volumes 15 + 16 (December 2014/March 2015)!


I need this in my possession.
Research purposes, of course.

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I'm gonna take my time, I have all the time in the world, To make you mine. It is written in the stars above~

Asked by Anonymous

It’s no good, honey.